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G. H. Mumm & Cie, situated in Reims in northern France, is one of the largest Champagne producers and it is currently ranked 4th globally based on the number of bottles sold in 2015. The company is owned by Pernod Ricard.

Mumm Wine Tasting tour is a terrible experience and guests are badly treated, champagne is no that good according to Kendra N. at

"Terrible experience. Went for a 4:30 pm tasting, showed up early. Went to 2 wineries before and they literally told us they can't serve us. My friend asked what food options they had, just curious cause we could use a snack option, and they asked "if we had a good time today" .. this is my second time in Napa. Last year our uber driver told us to forget about Mumm cause they think too much about themselves & after this treatment, I fully agree. I cannot believe how they treat their guests. If I book an afternoon appointment, you will not be my first visit. So thanks. Your champagne is not that good. I will gladly buy something different based on how you treat PREPAID customers."


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Former Employee - Sales says

"Can sometimes feel like high school because the drama some can bring"

Winemaking Intern (Former Employee) says

"Would not work here full time. slow paced work environment with few long term employees. lots of temporary workers that only stay a few months. typical harvest job."

Mr Paul Harris says

"Not particularly impressed with generally quality of watch bezel and strap, or the gift bag supplied and delivery. Engraving correct, picture a little misleading as I had wrongly assumed that the engraving was underneath the watch face and bezel according to the pictures. You have 24hrs from delivery to call if any issues but with having a personalised gift I understand that this cannot be returned anyway. Left with an inadequate watch for the cost of £45.00 that will not be gifted."

Mrs Harris says

"the champagne hasn’t been received yet so i can’t give a review please could you look into this for me"

Samantha messam says

"My item a bottle of jack Daniel's was damaged."

Colin Mcdonald says

"You missed the L out of Colin You spelled it Coin"

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